Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nanjing day dreams

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I remember it was my first time leaving Shanghai for any type of trip outside of my monthly to Hong Kong to show the government that I was only a tourist. We boarded a Mag-Lev train and for a moment it was sci-fi, traveling on magnets near 190 KM per hour. I'm not sure how fast that was, just the blur of stuff passing by, like when you've woken up after a blackout and are trying to piece together the previous night. In a blur we arrived in Nan Jing, former Capitol and home to some of the worst atrocities committed by the Japanese during the war. I was drinking Er Guo To from a little bottle in my jacket, it's basically cheap 10 RMB Baijou from Beijing. It does the trick and it's fucking lighting in a bottle. The rest of the day was a blur of photos and mad races with rick shaw drivers, laughing at a gold money tree and convincing the locals I was blind. As always, a win. 

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